Now serving our very own “Bottle Juggler” cask ale….

Now serving our very own “Bottle Juggler” cask ale….

We have been working along side Coach House Brewing company to create the perfect Jug & Bottle ale.

We  tested out a number of different flavours and beers along with the help of some customers and have come up with what we feel is hopefully the perfect beer for our customers.

“Bottle Juggler” ABV 4.1%  – A pale golden coloured ale using the Ekuanot Hop, which gives a well-balanced steely bitterness with hints of citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal overtones.

Just for our ale lovers…and if you look closely you might just recognise the chap on the beer pump clip!

So why not pop along this weekend and give it a try.  Our Bottle Juggler sits amongst 5 other great ales including the local favourite Trapper Hat.